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How To Prepare Your Tags

There is a very easy to use, online tagging system where you will enter your items you wish to sell. This system makes tagging rather simple but you will not want to wait until the last minute. Here are a few steps to follow to tag your items.



1. Gather your items and sort them by size and gender.
2. Login to our online tagging system using your selling number and password.
3. Click “Work with Consigned Inventory”
4. You will then select a category and size. Enter a complete description of the item, the price, select if you want the item donated if it does not sell, and select if you want the item 50% off on the last day of the sale.
5. All items are to be priced in .50 increments with a minimum price of $2.00 per item.
6. When sizing your items, S, M, L, XL, are to be used for junior’s & maternity only.
7. Children’s clothes should be with number sizes (12 months, 3T, 5T, etc.)

Printing your tags!

1. You can either print 1 out at a time or all at once.
2. Tags will print 6 to a page of card stock.
3. MUST use ONLY WHITE CARDSTOCK for your tags (Paper will NOT be accepted)
4. Ensure that the tag/barcode is easily legible.
5. If you change ANY item information (price, donation, 1/2 price option, etc) after you’ve printed the original tag, a NEW tag will need to be printed.
6. Attach the tags to your items with a safety pin or tag gun (see tips to avoid holes) and you’re done.


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How to attach your tags to hanging items

1. All clothing MUST be on hangers with the hanger facing to the left. Like a ?
2. Safety pin the tag to the upper right hand side of the clothing item when looking at the front.
3. Use only 1 hanger for 2 piece outfits. Hang the shirt first, then pin the pants, skirt or shorts to the hanger with TWO safety pins.
4. For smaller items (onesies, sleepers, t-shirts) consider grouping multiple items together to reach the minimum $2 price or higher.
5. Please have your items sorted by size and gender (rubber band together) prior to drop off.




** When pinning or using tag gun place them in seems not middle of the shirt/ pants, doing so will avoid holes in your items. Not doing so may result in rejected items due to holes

** When hanging pants on non-pant hangers hang will pin from the top of the hanger so items will not slide (3rd picture on right) 

** DO NOT put items with stains between non-stained items each item will be checked and entire set will be rejected if any stains/ holes are found






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How to attach your tags to other items


Must include ALL parts. Any tiny, loose pieces are recommended to be packaged in a Ziplock bag. Attach the bag to the main item with heavy packing tape. Also, tape the bag zipper shut. If a toy requires batteries to operate, they MUST be in the item and tested for acceptance.

Books and videos

Please do NOT use packing tape on books and videos it makes it difficult to remove the tags. Make sure the videos work and secure tag with two small pieces of masking, Scotch or painters tape or put in Ziplock bag. Do NOT cover the bar-code, we will be unable to scan the tag at checkout.
Avoid taping edges of books as when tape is removed it will tear the covers!  Group books together in zip lock bags, or saran wrap 


Must be tied together in pairs by the shoelaces (ribbon, zipties or string). Pin the card to the shoelaces or the ribbon. This prevents shoes from being separated and lost/stolen.

Loose articles

Bibs, bottles, sippy cups, etc. must be in clear Ziplock bags with the tag placed outside . Please Secure the bag closed with tape. Pin the tag to the top of the bag or tape tag to bag with packing tape. 

(It is best to try to hang all clothing items and avoid bags, they will sell better on a hanger pinned together than folded in a bag)

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If you have any questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact Two Times Around by e-mail [email protected] or by phone at



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