FALL/WINTER 2018 * SEPT. 6-8


Two Times Around strives to offer our shoppers the best in quality and realiable items at our consignment events. Two Times Around does not allow any consignor to sell recalled or unsafe items.  There are recalled items almost everyday and we are providing the information for your safety. However, it is the consignors responsbility to ensure that ALL their products offered for sale at our events meet the required safety standards.

Two Times Around is now accepting car seats. However, for each car seat you MUST bring the Car Seat Agreement filled out and signed with you to drop off.

Car Seat Agreement

* Cannot be older than 5 years old
Click here for recalls

* All car seats MUST include manuals/instructions
Car Seat Manuals

Bedding and Upholstery

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To comply with PA’s Bedding and Upholstery Law, during check-in to the sale, certain items must be disinfected and tagged with Two Times Around's yellow law label:

Upholstered furniture, crib mattresses & bedding, cradle/changing table pad, pillows, bedding, thick multi-layered blankets, comforters, stroller seats & padding, high chair seats, pack-n-plays, boppies, play mats, padded swings & bouncer seats. Basically any item that has a white law label describing the item fabric and filling and which typically begins with a phrase such as "This tag may not be removed under penalty of law except by the consumer.". It is the consignor’s responsibility to bring these items to the disinfecting area. If one of these items is on the sales floor without treatment, then it will be moved to the rejected area. If the state inspector finds an untreated item, then the item’s consignor is responsible for the $50-$100 per item violation fine. If in doubt, bring the item to the disinfecting area.

Email with any questions.

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