FALL/WINTER 2018 * SEPT. 6-8


Why Consign with Two Times Around?

* Drop Off Availability (Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday)
* Easy online tagging system (Mobile, Laptop, & Voice Entry)
Set your own prices
* Receive 70% of all items sold, volunteer 8 + hours & receive 75%
*Your check arrives within 7-14 days
*No hassle with advertising
* Advertising and customers from Harrisburg- Boonsboro, MD
* Easy online tagging system
*Opportunity to shop early with one guest!
*Refer a new consignor and have your consignor fee reimbursed
* 1/2 off PRE-SALE SEPT. 7TH@ 7 PM

Sat. Sept. 8th 3:30-4:30 pm. $10/bag (bags will be provided)
All proceeds will be donated TBD!




New Consignors: To become a consignor click here.  Once you have registered to become a consignor on our website, you will then receive a consignor number.  This is the number that identifies your items and this number is only for you. Each consignor number is different. You will then price all of your items,and earn 70% of the selling price, remember you decide how much you want to ask for the items.  There is also a $10 participation fee for all consignors that must be paid via paypal prior to registration.

Returning Consignors: Are you planning to consign for the upcoming event? Then you must register in order to begin entering your new/returning items. Please click here to register for the upcoming sale.  Your USER ID will remain the same from the previous event.  You will then price all of your items,and earn 70% of the selling price, remember you decide how much you want to ask for the items.  There is also a $10 participation fee for all consignors that must be paid via paypal prior to registration.

Entering your items: Click 
here to enter, edit, or print (tags) for your items. 

Important information for ALL consignors:

      Effective November 23, 2015
**The consignor fee will be increased to $10**

Effective November 1, 2010
**The Consignor fee will be increased to $8**
*Consignor fee will now be paid via PayPal or check instead of being deducted from your check & WILL NOT be reimbursed if you are no longer able to consign*

If you are a new or returning consignor & refer a NEW consignor your fee will be reimbursed on your consignor check (New consignor must have 20 item min) 


NEW Consignor Resources 

Instructions for mobile & voice inventory entry


 1. Only Fall/Winter items will be accepted during the Fall event and Spring/Summer items during the Spring event. 

2. All merchandise MUST be in great/like new condition 

3. If any item has holes, stains, signs or wear, or is missing buttons/zippers, please DO NOT bring them or they will be kindly returned. Any clothes smelling of smoke, animals, or mildew will be returned!

4. Clothes must be neatly hung on hangers.

To comply with PA’s Bedding and Upholstery Law, during check-in to the sale, certain items must be disinfected and tagged with Two Times Around's yellow law label:

Upholstered furniture, crib mattresses & bedding, cradle/changing table pad, pillows, bedding, thick multi-layered blankets, comforters, stroller seats & padding, high chair seats, pack-n-plays, boppies, play mats, padded swings & bouncer seats. Basically any item that has a white law label describing the item fabric and filling and which typically begins with a phrase such as "This tag may not be removed under penalty of law except by the consumer.". It is the consignor’s responsibility to bring these items to the disinfecting area. If one of these items is on the sales floor without treatment, then it will be moved to the rejected area. If the state inspector finds an untreated item, then the item’s consignor is responsible for the $50-$100 per item violation fine. If in doubt, bring the item to the disinfecting area.


Clothing Sizing Chart


Premie 9 Month 2T 10
Newborn 9-12 Month 3T 12
0-3 Months 12 Month 4/4T 14
3 Month 12-18 Month 5/5T 16
3-6 Month 18 Month 6/6X XS/Small
6 Month 18-24 Month 7 Medium
6-9 Month 24 Month 8 Large/XL



  • The online portal will close on Sunday, Sept. 2nd @ midnight!
  • Items have a $2 minimum price tag.
  • There is a 20 item minimum to consign.
  • **ATTENTION: Limited to 15 pairs of shoes per consignor!
  • Items smelling of smoke, pet, or mildew will NOT BE ACCEPTED!
  • Blue jeans and short sleeves are accepted at both events.
  • Swimwear is accepted only during the Spring/Summer event!
  • Halloween costumes are only accepted during the Fall/Winter event!
  • All merchandise should be in great/like new condition.
  • Only NEW children's underwear will be accepted.
  • No adult books or videos will be accepted.
  • No VHS or Cassette tapes, only DVD's  and CD's will be accepted.
  • Infant bath tubs will only be accepted if they were manufactured on or after October 2, 2017. Please click here for more information!
  • Clothing must be neatly hung on hangers (Hook part to the left if you are looking at the hanger) and tag placed at proper location.
  • Please DO NOT bring items with holes, stains or missing buttons.
  • All donated items will be sent to Salvation Army in Hagerstown. 
  • There will be hangers available at Saturday Pick-Up. Two Times Around does not supply hangers. Please visit Wal-Mart or Dollar Store for hangers.

 CONSIGNOR CHECKLIST ________________________


 All items must be in “new” or “like new” condition. (i.e. no stains, holes, missing buttons, etc).  **All items will be inspected at drop-off**

  • All toys, if applicable, must have batteries, include all pieces and must be properly secured.
  • Please use white/cream colored card stock for tags (no paper or colored paper/cardstock will be accepted). This type of paper will not scan.
  • Please have all clothing items neatly hung on hangers facing like a ? (Hooks to the left) and tags on the upper right hand side.
  • All clothing items will be inspected at drop off to make sure that everything was done properly -- it must be correct if not, t hey will not be accepted -- you may fix them, but we will not have the time to do it…so it is VERY important that you follow the tagging procedures. You want your items to be presentable so that they sell, so take a little extra time.
  • You have the option to donate items to Salvation Army and/or discount (1/2 off) for Saturday.
  • Please do not wait until the last minute to input items -- as we plan ahead of time to make sure everything fits.
  • An e-mail will be sent out 2 weeks prior to the sale in order to register for a drop off appointment.
  • If you'd like to shop even earlier on Weds. evening then register to volunteer as little as 2 hours of your time.  If you volunteer 8 or more hours, you will receive 75% of all your items sold.

   If you have any questions or are unsure what you are able to bring please e-mail us!

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