The talk of the town…

“I wanted to let you know that I like the emails with hints/advice you sent out previously.  Especially the one tip that said sell for others who are not interested.  So I am creating an account for my sister as well, but she does not want to bother and is splitting the profits with me for doing the hardwork of entering, etc.  Looking forward to a great sale…thanks again!”

Emily K.

“THANK YOU, JENNA, for all your hard work in making the sale possible!!!  The sale is very beneficial for families, especially in these economically difficult times.  This sale was also a learning experience for me with pricing items & maybe making more sets of clothes next time.”

Sherry M.

“This was my first sale and it was fantastic!  I will admit that I was skeptical at first, having never participated before, and was wondering how the whole process was going to go.  I was so pleased with everything, from beginning to end…the website and emails were very informative and detailed, drop off and pick up were so smooth, and the tagging system was flawless.  I have nothing but good things to say about this sale and can’t wait to participate again in the spring!”

April S.

“I just want all the ones that organized the sale this year to know that they did a great job!!  There seemed to be more space to walk around this year than last year (I think the back room helped a lot with that).  I’m amazed at how everything works out…from tagging, to delivering, to picking up unsold items.  Very smooth process!
This was my first time consigning and I look forward to doing it again!”


Amy O.

“We are so excited about our new clothes and shoes. The boys loved their new curtains and want to hang their border tomorrow. Justus, our littlest, won’t quit climbing on the tricycle. Thanks for all the excellent buys.”

Sherry W.

“I am a shopper and consignor of Two Times Around consignment sales. Last year at the Two Times Around fall sale within just 10 minutes of shopping I was able to find the perfect outfit for my daughter, Kaytlyn, to wear to an award ceremony that she was being honored in. This is a picture of Kaytlyn wearing the adorable outfit at the ceremony.  What I like best about the sales is everything is neatly organized and sorted by size, gender, and style of clothing, making shopping quick and easy. Best of all is the low cost for high quality clothing, as well as books, games, toys, and other children related items.”

Mae F.

“I was a shopper at the consignment sale, and Kaylyn is wearing the orange outfit with flowers which is carter’s brand that I had bought from the sale. I completely love this consignment sale because they have wonderful product, that is pretty much new that you cant not get anywhere else as cheap as it is. The volunteers are wonderful helpers and very polite. I would highly recommend this sale to my friends and family. Its a wonderful opportunity that does not come around often and you cannot pass it up. Wonderful selections and items for all sizes, gender and ages, as well as maternity clothes for expecting mothers. I absolutely just love it. A complete ten stars!!!” 

Renee S.

“I have been a shopper and have considered selling.My daughter Quinn is wearing a green polka dot layette that I bought in the spring. I love shopping there because I can get name brand clothes in very good condition for a fraction of the cost. I have been telling everyone I know with children or currently pregnant of your up coming sale.”

Andrea H.

“I was a shopper in the Spring and i bought my son Carter his jumpero and outfit at the sale!  You can’t beat the prices and the condition of everything is great! I am going to be selling my sons things for the first time this year :)”

Sarah Z.

“I am a shopper at the Two Times Around sale and plan to be a consignor myself this year! I really enjoy shopping at this consignment sale; I am able to find great deals on toys and clothes for my kids that just can’t be beat! My daughter Ava is wearing one of the many homemade hair accessories I plan to sell at this years consignment sale. They dress up any outfit, and are perfect for little girls!! Thanks Two Times Around!”.”

Holli N.